AIMM’s purpose is to create a movement that reflects a world of acceptance by celebrating differences and highlighting human truths that unite us.

Our goal

Reversing the downward trend of multicultural and inclusive marketing by empowering marketers to accurately portray cultural diversity and richness in today’s marketing efforts.

More than ever, consumers now expect to be seen.
To be reflected. To be respected.
Brands can make lasting, meaningful connections by doing more than scratching the surface. Diverse casting may be a start, but it’s not enough.
It’s time to go further and deeper.
To touch hearts with cultural insights that truly connect.
To emphasize what unifies us and what makes us unique.
Consumers are telling brands to “show us you know us.”
They are demanding marketers to See ALL. See ALL of us.
See ALL the ways we live and love.
See ALL the ways we celebrate and fascinate.
our preferences and concerns.
Expand your brand’s world view
so you can experience the growth your brand deserves.
It’s time to make the commitment to See ALL.

See ALL of Us – who we are and who we can be to you.

AIMM Goals

Bias-free marketing via insights, support and metrics to drive multicultural/inclusive marketing business growth.

Embed cultural insights into marketing to connect with diverse consumers. Value and celebrate cultural diversity AND highlight human truths that unite. Authenticate the portrayal of all segments: Amplify the voices of our communities to be stronger.

To contribute to corporate industry growth by providing research and resources that allow companies to understand the impact of segments growing exponentially faster than the General Market. By 2022, AIMM expects to witness:

  • A 20 percent increase in the accurate depiction of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans in advertising and media
  • A 20 percent increase in representation of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans in marketing companies, agencies, and directors
  • A 20 percent increase in companies who are growing their multicultural business


To encourage companies to re-prioritize multicultural and inclusive marketing, AIMM has created a simple four-step plan for companies to follow.