Minority-Owned Media

There is a disconnect in our industry between investment levels and visibility of minority owned entities, and the opportunity for growth.


AIMM is dedicated to increasing visibility and access to invest in and develop Multicultural and Inclusive Owned Media in order to help brands and agencies plan and measure fair investments commensurate with opportunity.

“It's time the industry invests in engaging multicultural and diverse audiences who are key to business growth. That effort cannot be maximized without investing in both diverse-owned AND targeted media.”
- Lisette Arsuaga, Co-Founder, AIMM &
Co-President, DMI Consulting

Minority-Owned Media Represents 6.7% of ALL media

Comprising nearly 7% of all media entities, multicultural & inclusive-owned media are a key component for advertising spend, and with further investment these entities can continue to grow and serve their communities.

Graph showing Minority Media as a 6.7% share of ALL media
Graph showing MC&I Owned Media as a share of segment by media type

Challenges Shared from Minority Suppliers/Executives:


The need to establish measurements in order to quantify impact so we can start having new conversations and stop rehashing the old ones


Lack of diverse, multicultural representation at the table where decisions are made


Pay equity between minority and general market entities needs to be addressed


As minority media entities are identified, specialized agencies are hoping to increase their work with advertisers.  So far, the influx of new business has not been as strong as expected


Process to get certified is incredibly cumbersome.

AIMM and Media Framework have designed the MAVEN MC&I Media Ownership for Marketers Report that is exclusively available for purchase by ANA and AIMM Advertisers. This is powered by Media Framework’s MAVEN Diversity platform, the most comprehensive and validated diverse-owned media database in the industry.

AIMM, Nielsen, and Media Framework are also releasing a new "Diverse Owned Media Planning and Investment Guide" - free to the industry - that includes profiles and aggregated metrics of diverse-owned media on TV, radio and digital platforms with their related audience descriptions, estimated reach, gross impressions and more.

The partnership aligns with ANA AIMM's vision for the industry to #SeeALL and its commitment to increase the visibility of diverse-owned media across national, local and cable TV, radio and digital entities.

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  • Diverse Owned Media Planning and Investment Guide - Coming Soon
Minority-Owned Media Efforts with AIMM & Media Framework

Does your company have diverse ownership? If so, email kathleen@mediaframework.com to be considered for inclusion in the multicultural and inclusive-owned MAVEN Diversity platform.


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Over 3,200 certified and classified multicultural and inclusion owned media vendors. Includes digital, national and local broadcast, print, and out-of-home media types. Includes geography served and key data attributes. Includes: Asian Pacific, Asian Subcontinent, Black / African American, Hispanic/ Latin American, Native American, HBCU, LGBTQ+, Disability-owned. Everything you need to discover potential partnerships and take the first steps towards increasing investment in MC&I media owners.

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