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Attend webinars every other month about multicultural and inclusive marketing topics.


Leverage AIMM’s resources to create change in your organization.


Access a premier database of qualified diverse talent and pre-screened college interns and entry-level positions.


Attend three all-member meetings and receive a complimentary admission to the ANA’s Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference

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Direct Business Growth

Align America's brands with the demographic opportunities and the lifetime ROI they represent to make more informed decisions that will maximize corporate growth.

  • Serve your constituencies with the power of collective impact to deliver solutions to your top customers with expertise that goes beyond your own core competencies.
  • Increase your team’s multicultural marketing knowledge to support its accountability for growth.
  • Leverage AIMM resources to create change in your organization.
  • Enjoy access to Member Hub, a centralized portal curating AIMM content, collaboration, and resources for multicultural and diverse segments.

Leading Research

Access the latest research, educational tools, and professional services to increase the knowledge of multicultural and inclusive marketing and the growth potential for your company.

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Cultural Insights Impact Measure (CIIM™) (Releasing September 2019)
Proprietary AIMM algorithm measuring cultural insights’ impact on brand relevance/affinity, ad effectiveness, and purchase intent.

The Case for Change
This report positions Multicultural and Inclusive Marketing as a Business Imperative for Long-Term Growth to help marketers better understand the importance of prioritizing multicultural and inclusive consumers, with the goal of maximizing overall corporate growth.  Discover how to implement AIMM’s simple five-point plan into your company’s overall marketing plan.
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Multicultural and Inclusive Marketing Benchmarking Study (Releasing Summer 2019)
Summary of the industry’s state of multicultural marketing, including percentage who reached segments, percentage who embed culture in ads, goals, challenges, measurements, use of cultural experts, internal organization/COEs, budgets vs. opportunity, dedicated vs. total market approach, and how multicultural gets done.
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Multicultural Identification Data Benchmarking
Industry-wide assessment of multicultural identification data accuracy across segments and language.
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A Diversity Report for the Advertising/Marketing Industry
Based on three separate studies among ANA members, the study concludes that women comprise the bulk of the marketing industry's workforce with near parity in leadership roles; meanwhile, ethnic diversity in the marketing workforce is poor, particularly in leadership positions.
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2019 Organizational Structure Playbook
This report assesses how different organizational structures have affected business and campaign results. Provide best practices in the marketplace that can be applied across all organizations to fully capture diverse multicultural segment business opportunities.
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2019 Multicultural Ad Spend Trend Study (Release: Summer/Fall 2019)
To test an ongoing hypothesis that marketers are underspending in multicultural marketing, PQ Media will provide an estimate of ad spending targeted to the African-American, Asian, and Hispanic segments. Covering actual spend for 2016--18 and projected to 2019--20, the study will cover spending by medium (e.g., digital, television) and brand activation channels (influencer, promotion, and retail marketing) in both endemic and non-endemic media.

Thought Leadership and Impact

By focusing on the challenges and opportunities evident in marketing today, members come together to help ensure prioritization and understanding of multicultural and inclusive marketing is present all the way up to the C-suites.

  • Secure your seat at an important table and become a key contributor to the country’s most influential multicultural and inclusive marketing alliance, shaping the vision and future of U.S. marketing.
  • Gain a competitive edge by keeping up with the latest information, trends, and best practices.
  • Ensure that your unique voice and industry expertise are captured in the vision and progression of the Alliance’s work and impact.
  • Gain access to some of the most brilliant minds in the marketing ecosystem (corporations, trade organizations, media, advertising agencies, and research companies).  Learn from the best!
  • Develop a wide network of colleagues.

Diversity Empowered

Embracing differences starts with leaders who are committed to changing the face of corporate America to better represent the communities they serve.

  • Cultivate entry-level talent: Gain access to vetted and qualified multicultural talent looking for employment in marketing, advertising, and media.  Candidates are divided by geographic location, making it easy for marketers to review résumés.
  • Cultivate upper-management talent: Expand your pool of qualified candidates for addressing multicultural market growth with a premier database.