Diversity In Hollywood

Together, We Commit to #SeeALL.

We commit to diversity of race, identity, ability, culture and age of talent in front and behind the camera.

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We appreciate the dialogue.

We see the effort, From Hollywood.

But we need... more.

We are here. We've been here.

And in the morning, if I'm blessed to possess breath…

+ Expand


Will still be here.


Will still be here.  

But do you see me in this industry or act as if bias doesn’t exist?

Would you rather breathe life into stereotypes or stand up against them?

Because what I know of my culture isn’t who you seem to portray me to be.

So... SHOW ME  

All of me. Not, just who you've written me to be.


We are more than a splash of color on your white canvas.


We are not your quota. We are quotable.

SHOW ME... ME. Not your me… ME.

I am not asking. Nor am I leaving.

We've been here. But don't just... see us

Stand with ANA’s AIMM.

Let us come together so that we can create waves of change

for future generations to come.

It’s time… to #SeeAll

*This PSA was developed and produced by Walton Isaacson's creative team, in collaboration with award-winning spoken word artist Prentice Powell.*

Diversity in Hollywood Social Posts

Industry Impact

"Well done!!!"

Manoj Raghunandandan

Global President Healthcare division, J&J and AIMM Board Member


John Dillon

CMO Denny’s and AIMM incoming Board Chair

"Powerful. Well done."

Ivan Pollard

CMO at General Mills and AIMM Board Member

"Very moving!"

Rick Gomez

CMO at Target AND AIMM Board Member

"Great work!"

Shannon Watkins

CMO at St. Judes and AIMM Board Member


Sarah Kate Ellis

President of GLAAD and AIMM Board Member

"This is outrageously good. The production value is through the roof. The messaging is brilliant. Absolutely amazing. Congratulations. Pure and simple… this will make a huge difference."

Bob Liodice


"Incredible!! I love the crafting of how the actors are speaking to the camera, incredibly dynamic and engaging…they each brought such feeling and meaning to their delivery. This will certainly move people beyond the indifference of how multicultural talent is viewed/recognized and motivate others to actively participation to drive change. So excited by this work!"

Andrea Wilkerson

Senior Director of Personal Care Division at P&G

"I love it. The video treatment and energy of the actors is outstanding. Walton Isaacson did an incredible job. So exciting to see !!!! So exciting !!!"

Freddy Barucha

VP of Skin and Personal care divisions at P&G


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