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2020 Focus Areas

Through industry research and collaboration, AIMM identifies the top challenges in multicultural and inclusive marketing and converts them into action tracks that are chaired and advanced by AIMM members. These plans are not circular conversations, cycling in “echo chambers” or industry silos. These are intentional and bold work plans that are being elevated to the C-suite and driving real market growth for AIMM members and the industry.


Goal: Augment #SeeALL and CIIM™ (Cultural Insights Impact Measure) presence in the industry and other leading industry conferences to promote greater inclusivity of cultural insights and representation of all segments in both advertising and programming. Implement highly strategic tactics to continue branding/positioning AIMM as the leading force in multicultural marketing.

Data, Measurements & Insights

Goal:  Increase quality, transparency, and affordability of Multicultural & Inclusive data including individual identity, media/digital targeting, purchase, and attribution/ROI modeling. Institutionalize the Cultural Insights Impact Measure™ (CIIM) by scaling up the number of ads and shows tested as well as vastly expanding its base of norms across categories, testing on a rolling basis, validating CIIM's impact through sales attribution studies, and building powerful case studies of applications by brands.

Modern Marketing

Goal: Conduct a Cultural Landscape Analyses and segment deep dives to help identify unique and consistent cultural insights that resonate with each segment to foster consumer loyalty. Illustrate how CIIM™(Cultural Insights Impact Measure) can be used in the industry to validate cultural relevance and sales attribution/ROI by implementing the metric from creative testing to media planning.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Goal: Develop and implement a best in class inclusion measurement tool to serve as an index for corporations supporting AIMM’s pledge to drive industry systemic change, by improving equity of representation at every level,supporting #SeeALL campaign to eliminate bias,leveraging ERGs, and adjusting investment levels in marketing to be commensurate with the demographics of this country.

AIMM Catalyst For Change

Goal: Work collaboratively with senior leaders in corporate America to change the behavior of marketers so that they allocate adequate marketing/advertising investment, prioritization, and visibility to multicultural  and inclusive segments.

Talent and Education

Goal:  Increase multicultural  talent, knowledge, and education in corporations and agencies so that all marketers become 21st century marketers, as knowledgeable of the general market as they are of the fastest-growing segments in the country.

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