Frequently Asked Questions regarding membership

Who can join AIMM?

AIMM is a membership alliance of industry leaders from across the entire marketing ecosystem; brands, media, research, trade organizations, and Multicultural and General Market agencies - transforming the way in which all companies can grow from Multicultural and Inclusive market segments, including Hispanic, African American, Asian American, LGBTQ+, and People with Disabilities consumers. The goal of AIMM is to maintain a balanced representation of 50% client-side marketers and 50% rest of the ecosystem, AIMM will accept new members based on availability for all categories. 

I am a member of the ANA, am I already an AIMM member?

As an arm of the ANA, the Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) is a working group of industry leaders focused on evolving and enhancing the relevance, effectiveness, and impact of multicultural and inclusive marketing in order to legitimize connections with consumers and, in turn, maximize business growth.  AIMM membership is a separate membership from ANA membership.  

AIMM serves as a catalyst for driving brand, business, and industry growth by providing research and educational resources, facilitating strategic connections, and inspiring marketers to step outside their comfort zone. In turn, marketers will be better prepared to hire more diverse candidates with differing points of view so that they become more proficient in their advertising, strategic planning, and media considerations. By 2022, AIMM expects to meet three goals:  

  1. Bias-free marketing through insights, support, and metrics to drive multicultural/inclusive marketing business growth.
  1. Embed cultural insights into marketing to connect with diverse consumers. Value and celebrate cultural diversity AND highlight human truths that unite. Authenticate the portrayal of all segments. Amplify the voices of our communities to be stronger.
  1. To contribute to corporate industry growth by providing research and resources that allow companies to understand the impact of segments growing exponentially faster than the general market.  

What is a membership year?

The AIMM membership year runs for twelve months and may begin at the first of any month.

How do I join?

Do I have to pay in one lump sum?

No, AIMM offers many flexible payment options.

Does my membership automatically renew?

Membership dues invoices will be sent annually to allow automatic renewal.  If you would like to make changes to your membership, please contact INFO@ANAAIMM.NET.

How do members get the most out of membership?

AIMM members are diverse, not only representing the industry but also in expertise and experience.  We welcome learners, leaders, teachers and change-makers.  We hope you and your staff will give and get as a member of AIMM.

How many meetings do we have to attend?

Meetings, webinars, and committee work is all up to you.  We hope that all members participate at some level.

We are just starting on this journey, is membership for us?

Absolutely! Don’t reinvent the wheel – learn from the best in the business.