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We know that the transparency, as well as the accuracy and coverage, of multicultural data is crucial to the marketing and advertising industry, which is why AIMM has been studying multicultural data since 2017. 

Our Data Transparency and Quality Goals

AIMM is actively working to ensure that the multicultural ecosystem is empowered to reach sound conclusions for growth through segment marketing and investment decisions. With the enhanced representation, projectability, and reliability of multicultural data and analytics, multicultural marketers can leverage collective data assets to enhance marketing solutions.

“When data quality is poor, the entire media-targeting enterprise is undermined. There is no standard measure of the relative data quality and no industry guidelines or best practices to improve it.”

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AIMM’s Online Data Benchmarking Initiative with Truthset

In partnership with AIMM, our online data partner Truthset alongside AIMM’s data and analytics advisor, Sequent Partners, this initiative brings together data providers who value transparency and help the industry by participating in quarterly benchmarks, standardized validations and improved multicultural data tracking. The effort involves: 

  • Evaluating the strength of multicultural identity assignments in major 3rd party consumer data keyed off hashed emails
  • Comparing the race/ethnicity assignments to separate validation sets -- several highly accurate nationally representative panels 
  • Providing important accuracy and coverage performance benchmarks for multicultural audience data available in 3rd party data 

AIMM MC Data Transparency Efforts Bring Promising Results:
The Growing Visibility of Multicultural Consumers Since 2020

Visibility, the pool of accurately identified multicultural consumers available  in third-party datasets Q1 of 2021 has gained considerably since Q3 of 2020. 

AIMM Data Transparency graph with Hispanic, African American and Asian American specs

For more information, view the ebook and the “Partly Sunny!” webinar (AIMM members only).

AIMM/Truthset Study Data Partners

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Best Practices in Multicultural Data Transparency and Multicultural Identity Assignment

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Data best practices for Data Providers

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Data best practices for Marketers

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Data Transparency Efforts at AIMM

For more information or questions about AIMM’s multicultural data transparency efforts, contact:

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SSG President and Chief Strategist
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