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Hollywood finally saw and recognized the power of authentic cultural representation with Sunday’s Oscar winners representing the most diverse group of awardees in its history. For years viewers have been saying they want to see themselves reflected in films – this year, it finally happened.

From "Dune" to “Encanto” to “West Side Story” to “Drive My Car” to “King Richard” to “CODA”, audiences were able to marvel at the innovative stories on the screen that were more a reflection of the diversity we see on our streets, in our society. This year, Hollywood represented reality and it was beautiful – from Black, White, Latino, Asian to LGBTQ+ and People with Different Abilities front and center, and we loved it.

Let’s talk about THAT.

At this year's Oscars, the industry took an important step to #SeeALL. AIMM celebrates this accomplishment and congratulates all the winners. May this day set a precedent for the diversity we see in front and behind the camera. May we continue to see diverse portrayals that are accurate, empowering and inspiring. May we all commit to see each, so that we always #SeeALL.

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