Pledge By Nearly 100 Top CMO’s Puts Accountability Front & Center

In light of the recent hate-fueled and horrific events against the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, the ANA’s AIMM (Alliance for Inclusive Multicultural Marketing) has called upon its board, members and the industry at-large to take action in support of the community and help end the violence. AIMM, which continues to be a leading voice for fair representation, inclusivity and social equality across all cultures, has asked industry executives to sign a pledge committing to immediate steps of action and longer-term change that will hold them directly accountable. In May, during AAPI Heritage Month, the alliance will report on the progress companies and their leaders are making within their organizations, within the industry and in communities across the country.


The response to the pledge has been overwhelming with nearly 100 signatures from top leaders including Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer on behalf of P&G, John Dillion, Chief Brand Officer on behalf of Denny’s, Diego Scotti, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer on behalf of Verizon, and Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO on behalf of GLAAD.


"We're proud to bring together influential industry leaders to leverage our collective voice and power to enact positive change and frankly hope more will join our cause,” said John Dillon, co-chair of AIMM. “With this pledge, we commit to holding ourselves and the industry accountable to support the AAPI community and to stop any form of hate.”


On Friday, March 26, AIMM will be announcing the full list of companies who have signed the pledge and are committed to being agents of change. We have reached a point of reckoning and AIMM will do everything in its power to ignite the industry and end hate incidents and systemic racism as it works toward equality and justice.


WHO: The Association for National Advertisers’ Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM)


WHAT: Nearly 100 top CMO’s so far have joined AIMM in signing the Anti-Asian Hate Crime Pledge; promising to take action and be accountable in enacting change.  

AIMM to report progress and measure impact in May 2021.

WHERE: Major publications including The New York Times and Adweek will run the Anti-Asian Hate Crime Pledge and signatures to-date with USA Today publishing the letter in Monday’s print edition.

Information about the pledge and company’s progress against their promises will be accessible at

CTA: Industry executives are encouraged to go to to add their name to the  pledge.

Everyone can get involved: #StopAsianHate, #SeeALL, #AIMM to show your support.


To learn more, please reach out to

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