Data Transparency: Removing Data Blindfolds to Connect with Multicultural Consumers Successfully

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Succeeding in Multicultural (MC) marketing largely depends on identity data to target with accuracy, connect with high relevance and attribute impact to the intended segment(s). Who wants to buy MC data with undisclosed quality that may cause wasted impressions? Learn how AIMM's new benchmarking norms with partner Truth{set}, and a brave bold set of data providers, are breaking transparency barriers. Join us as we discuss implications with P&G and Walmart and share Best Practices for marketers and data providers developed by ANA-AIMM and the Media Rating Council.

Moderator: Carlos Santiago, Chief Strategist, SSG & Co-founder, AIMM

Presenters: Alice Sylvester, Partner, Sequent Partners

                      Aaron Fetters, Head of Client Development, Truth{set}

Reaction: Jeronimo Escudero, Senior Brand Director, Corporate Brand Building Innovation, P&G

                  Juan Solana, Director, Advanced Analytics, Walmart

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