Cultural Inclusion Accelerator Webinar Series: Cultural Attribution & Efficiency - How Much Does Culture & DEI Matter On Sales, Trust, Viewer Preference, Diverse Owned/Targeted Media

  • With nearly 3 years of CIIM's tracking and nearly 1 million cultural evaluations across 66 categories, the relationship between cultural relevancy and sales lift is     even stronger now than our validation study indicated. ​
  • Take a deep dive in learnings by segment for all our initiatives - cultural relevancy attribution on sales lift, impact of CIIM on Purchase Intent, impact of CIIM on Viewers’ Preference, impact of DEI new measure on Trust, future studies for broader attribution validation and ROI of accurate segments identification data, incremental value of Diverse Owned Media. 
  • Featured speakers: Sequent Partner's Jim Spaeth and Alice Sylvester

**DOWNLOAD Presentation Deck Here**

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