Live Your Truth So We Can #SeeALL: Leveraging Corporate Responsibility to Reinforce Allyship with The LGBTQ+ Community

AIMM, as the leading voice in the marketing and advertising community that stands for equity, fairness, and inclusion of all segments, believes in the need for the Alliance to stand-up, speak-out and defend human rights in question. Join us to learn how we can continue to galvanize the collective power of our industries to underscore the importance of protection for the LGBTQ+ community and safeguard a future of inclusion, visibility, and acceptance.

• Panelists/speakers Include:

o Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO, GLAAD

o Joni Madison, Interim President, HRC

o Matt Tumminello, President, Target 10

o Aaron Walton, CEO, Walton Isaacson

o Lisette Arsuaga, AIMM Co-Founder & Co-CEO, DMI Consulting

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