Resetting Growth & Reconnecting with MC&I in Post-COVID & Social Justice Era

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With so many changes shifting consumer decisions and attitudes, it is crucial for Marketers to recognize when and how it’s imperative to reconnect with Asian, African American, Hispanic, and LGBTQ consumers based on factual insights. Join NBCU, Nielsen, Ethnicity Matters, GLAAD and UniWorld Group in this TED-style webinar. Segment experts will share fact-based fresh and compelling tangible growth opportunities:

· Hispanic Advertising Perceptions and Purchase Behaviors In the Age of Covid-19

Presented by Carol Wagner, Manager-Primary Research, NBCUniversal

This presentation highlights unique differences between Hispanic and Non-Hispanics in the COVID era and outlines timely, actionable insights on Hispanic consumers’ current attitudes towards advertising and purchase behaviors. Unique case studies showcase the translation of insight to action.


· Hispanic & African American Driving Post-COVID Rebound in Health & Beauty 

Presented by Stacie de Armas, VP Strategic Initiatives, Nielsen

Multicultural consumers have been transforming the beauty category for years.  As we look at the post-quarantine rebound, this report solidly identifies that this empowered shopper is not only driving the recovery but also gravitating toward brands,products, and activities that reinforce their cultural roots and identities.


· Social Distance From Chinese & South Asian Consumers…at Your Own (Financial) Risk

Presented by Howard Lichtman, Partner & Co-founder, Ethnicity Matters

South Asian and Chinese represent a clear growth opportunity now across many Consumer-Packaged Goods and other key categories. Join us and learn where these opportunities are by category. Also gain great insights into the Ethnic consumer and online shopping. 


· The Power of Representation Through LGBTQ Inclusion in Advertising and Media 

Presented by Rich Ferraro, Chief Communications Officer, GLAAD

In a time when LGBTQ people continue to face unprecedented discrimination and violence a new study by GLAAD, in partnership with Procter & Gamble, sheds light as to how brands gain, rather than loose, from LGBTQ representation in TV and advertising.


· This is America -A UWG POV on the Recent Protests in the Wake of George Floyd’s Murder

Presented by Greg Edwards, EVP  & COO, UniWorldGroup

The recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd have unmasked the persistent pandemic of racism while galvanizing the world towards action. UWG will share key insights on racial Injustice, imperative Inclusion, and Inspiration for the critical role of marketing and creativity towards progress. 




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