Super Bowl 2021 Best-In-Culture Ads: CIIM™ Lessons Beyond the Game

Over 35,000 evaluations across African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, LGBTQ, People with Disabilities, and Non-Hispanic Whites, determined that the cultural relevance scores of 2021 Super Bowl ads’ declined as measured by CIIM™, the Cultural Insights Insights Measure™. Not only did ads miss seeing all consumers, but more importantly, even when casts were diverse, the vast majority of ads lacked authenticity and moved towards bias, negatively impacting brand opinion.

Watch as CIIM unveils Super Bowl’s Best-In-Culture ads scoring at the top level of inclusion and relevancy for each segment. Also, learn from Frito-Lay leaders on what drove the cultural effectiveness in their Super Bowl spots and how they apply culture in their marketing process. 

Presenter: Carlos Santiago, Chief Strategist, SSG & Co-founder, AIMM and CIIM™

Moderator: Lisette Arsuaga, Co-president, DMI & Co-founder, AIMM 

Panelists: Chris Bellinger, Vice President, Creative & Digital, PepsiCo

                  Marissa Solis, SVP – Core Brands, Partnerships & Media, Frito Lay 

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