Tripling Ad Effectiveness and Purchase Intent In The Most Relevant Context with New CIIM™ Metric

As we adapt to the impact of COVID-19, a new normal, and consumers become more discerning about how they spend their money, it is more crucial than ever for brands to strengthen connections with consumers while stretching the potential impact of their budgets. Join us on Tuesday, April 7 to learn how ANA-AIMM’s Cultural Insights Impact Measure™ (CIIM™) new industry metric can help you to determine if your ads and media buys are maximizing:

  • deep connections with all segments,
  • ad effectiveness,
  • sales impact,
  • and contextual affinity.

 You will learn:

  1. Culture  drives connection and boosts brand growth
  2. Culture in content drives viewing preferences
  3. How CIIM’s Dashboards can help guide the creative process to increase cultural relevance and optimize growth 
  4. How Media buyers can make better decisions about their media planning/placement by connecting high CIIM™ scoring ads and content


Join Carlos Santiago & Lisette Arsuaga, Co-Founders of AIMM for this free Live Webinar.

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