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555 S. Aviation Blvd
El Segiundo, CA 90245
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Conill is a creative solutions company. We use our understanding of culture and identity to create experiences that inspire and motivate brand preference. Conill’s approach is polycultural and multidimensional. From music and fashion to language, pop culture, art, and politics, we keep you connected with the multicultural consumers who influence, shape and reshape the collective we all live in. Our deep heritage of understanding cultural catalysts and emerging trends provides a competitive advantage to win in today’s multicultural marketplace.
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Multicultural Agencies
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Active AIMM Seat Holder 1
Anabel Ordonez
SVP, Managing Director
Active AIMM Seat Holder 2
Emily Preciado
VP, Group Account Director
Active AIMM Seat Holder 3
Ana Rodriguez
EVP, Executive Director
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Stop Asian Hate
Diversity in Hollywood
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